Tray capacity (litre): 50-60 LTRS
Distance from the end of the handle to the axle (mm): 1200 MM
Distance from the end of the handle to cross-bracing (mm):  600 MM
Axle diameter (mm):  20 MM
Clearance between the wheel and the tray (mm):  110 MM
Maximum tray depth (mm):  170 MM
Tray length (mm): 880MM
Tray width (mm): 670 MM
Overall height of the wheel barrow (mm): 640 MM
Loading capacity (kg):  180KG
Diameter of wheel 310 DIAMETER, HEIGHT 110MM
Material Frame and handles: tubular mild carbon steel with a diameter of min 30 mm, thickness of 2.1 mm
Steel handles fitted/inserted with foam grips
Tray: mild steel sheet with a thickness of min 0.4 mm
Other information Puncture resistant tire sealant
Tire must be fitted to a painted or galvanised metal wheel.
Tray fixed with bolts
Tray with rolled edges
Front edge wider and higher than rear edge
Legs and rests cross braced
Heavy duty braces between the top of the tray and the frame (axle area)
Bearings: Ball or roller bearings or grey cast iron bushes fitted on the frame hubs. The axle should run with the wheel.
Wide stance leg to keep the wheel barrow balance
Weight (kg): 16KG


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