Water Testing - Kits


Water testing kits have been designed to test water quality primarily for bacteriological contamination and to determine its safety for human consumption. It is especially useful in emergency situations where testing and results can be determined quickly so that corrective action may be taken without delay.
The testing kits can be used for surveillance and monitoring of water quality at the source, in water storage tanks, in treatment plants or at the consumer level.

The testing kits can come in single incubator or dual incubator kits. Most commonly used is the single incubator kits.

Basic tests that can be performed by most kits

· Thermo-tolerant (faecal) Coliform Count
· Free & total chlorine
· pH
· Turbidity
· Temperature
· Conductivity (not as standard)

Some of the key features include:

· 44°C incubator for analysis of faecal coliforms (can be calibrated to 37°C for total coliform analysis)
· Rechargeable battery (chargeable within one day)
· Internal battery capable of 5 incubation cycles before requiring recharging
· 16-test capacity
· Membrane filtration unit using 0.45μm pore size membrane filters

Kit contents:

The kit will have some consumables included for quick start of testing. Additional consumables can be purchased at an extra cost.
Enquire for detailed specifications and inclusions/optional extras.


Kits are normally packaged in its own impact resistant, waterproof polypropylene case with handle and hinged, lockable lid.
Approx. Dimensions = 34.4×14.6×29.7cm
Complete kit weight = Approx. 10kg
(Kit weight and dimensions can vary depending on the options selected)


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