Water Purification – Aluminium sulphate

General information

Aluminium Sulphate is a sedimentation agent for turbid water. The product is used to assist in the treatment of drinking water for human consumption through the coagulation of particulate matter, to fasten the sedimentation process.
It is available as powder, granules and stones. The granular form is recommended.


(ALUM) Aluminum sulphate in granules form with the following content:
Al2O3: 17-18% minimum.
Fe2O3: 0.02% maximum.
Pb: Nil.
As: 1 ppm maximum.
Insoluble in water: 0.3%.
PH (1% solution): 3.0 – 3.6.
Specific gravity: 1.7.
Solubility in water: 70 g in 100 cc at 0°C, 170 g in 100 cc at 100°C.
Granule size: Less than 1.19 mm = 3% Approx., 1.19 to 5 mm = 33%, Over 5 mm =64%


The product is packed in export grade bags usually 50 kg capacity, other bag sizes are also available.


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