Tap Stands


Tapstands manufactured from galvanised steel water pipe supplied complete with taps and can be adapted to suit most types of temporary and permanent water supply systems in all kinds of environments.

They can be produced in a range of designs to meet customers requirements.

Our taps are lightweight and robust and work equally well in either high pressure or low pressure settings. They are easy to use and close firmly when not in use to prevent water wastage through constant dripping.

One tapstand can serve up to 1,000 people with 20 litres of water each in 12 hours. Each kit is securely packed in one ISPM15 heat treated plywood case suitable for export.

Key features include:
• Easy and quick to assemble
• All galvanised steel construction
• Adjustable for uneven ground
• Available in standard and lightweight models

Technical Specifications

The standard tapstand is manufactured from 1” British Standard galvanised water pipe and galvanised fittings and has been redesigned by our engineers to provide a more robust, lightweight and durable product using 3/4” British Standard galvanised water pipe, which in turn can help to dramatically reduce shipping costs. The 4 legs can be locked in any position using the patented key clamps and swivel feet. This feature enables the tapstands to be set up square and upright regardless of ground contours.

Both the Standard and the Lightweight tapstands are supplied boxed with instruction sheet, tools and spares. One box contains all the necessary items to assemble a complete stand.


Elbow: Galvanised malleable iron
Retaining nut: Stainless steel grade A2
Seat support washer: Brass
Seat washer: Nitrile rubber
Bush: Acetal
Valve shaft: Brass
‘O’ rings: Nitrile rubber
Body: Mild steel, nickel plated


Case size: 1.03m x 0.39m x 0.14m
Standard tapstand weight: Approx. 32kg
Light tapstand weight: Approx. 26kg


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