Sports and Recreational Kits


When an emergency occurs, children are the most susceptible to its consequences. With our kits, we prioritise care for the littlest ones in emergency situations.
The recreation kit is for individual and team sports. It comes with 26 components in 1 lockable metal box. The kit is designed to cater for up to 90 children simultaneously (target population children > 6 years)


Ball,sponge rubber,60mm diam./SET-5
Basketball,professional size
Inflating-kit for balls
Volleyball,professional model
Volleyball net,9.5x1m,without posts
Tape, measure, 5 m, retractable
Book,exercise,A4,ruled-8mm,96 pgs/PAC-10
Slate,fibreboard ,double-sided,A4/BOX-20
Pen, ball-point, black/BOX-10
Bag,UNICEF,blue polyester,360x230x610mm
Box ,metal,lockable,for storage
Skipping rope,polyester ,3m/PAC-10
Hard surface footballs, size 3
Hard surface Football, Size 4
Beach ball, inflatable, diameter 42cm
Board games, box of 3 games
Hackey Sack, Synthetic leather, pac/3
Play Parachute, 3.65 meters, with bag
Tabards, red/blue, large(age 13+)/PAC-20
Arm Bands, Education, Cyan blue, cloth
Users guide Recreation Kit, English
Users guide Recreation Kit, French
Children w/ Disability Guide REC
Education Kit Feedback form, A4


The metal box may present problems if being transported into a country with x-ray machines at border points or during transportation – in this case, the kit can be packed in a carton box and may be a better option

Estimated weight of the kit is: 28kg
Estimated volume of the kits is: 0.120cbm
Estimated dimensions of the kits are: 0.80L x 0.60W 0x 0.25m H

384 kits in a 40 foot container
176 kits in a 20 foot container


The box comes with2 padlocks which can be used to lock the contents of the kit when not in use


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