Laundry soap or body soap, for distribution and to maintain hygiene. Made from animal or vegetable fat.

Detergent powders and liquid soaps are also available.


‘- The fatty acid content indicates the cleaning efficiency – the higher it is, better the soap. It should not be lower than 50%.
– The NaOH content indicates the level of purity of the soap; it is not harmful up to 0.3%.
– The moisture content should not be higher than 25%. The higher the moisture content, the faster the wear.
– The weight is always given at time of packing; if later weight controls show a lower weight, the original weight can be re-calculated with the addition of lost moisture content from the original moisture %.

Products and Packing Units

Product Packing Units Available:
Bathing Soap – 25gm
– 90gm
– 100gm
– 125gm
– 175gm
– 250gm
Laundry Bar Soap – 200gm
– 600gm
– 700gm
– 800gm
– 900gm
– 1kg
Detergent Powder – 100gm
– 200gm
– 500gm
– 1kg
– 3.5kg
– 4kg
– 5kg
– 10kg
Liquid Soap – 300ml
– 500ml
– 5 ltrs
– 20 ltrs


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