School/ Educational kits


The School kits are used in back-to-school operations after humanitarian crises all over the world. The kits contain materials for teachers and 40 students, to continue educating the little ones as soon as 72 hours after an emergency has occurred.
The kit can be supplied in a carton where there are security concerns with metal boxes or where the additional cost of the box is an issue
Materials provided are expected to be sufficient for 3 months


Scissors ,all purpose,sharp,180mm
Cubes,wood or plast.,coloured,set of 100
Crayon,wax,packs of 8 colours/BOX-10×8
Tape,adhesive,transp 1,5cm x 10m/BOX-20
Marker,flipchart ,colours,tip-5mm/PAC-4
Chalk,assorted colours/BOX-100
Brush,paint ,for chalkboard,50-60mm
Duster/wiper for Blackboard
Slate ,fibreboard,double-sided,A4/BOX-20
Compass,plastic, for Blackboard, 45cm
Globe,inflatable,diam.42cm,w/o stand
Pencil,HB grade,black lead/Box-10
White pencil for slates,BOX-20
Ruler ,plastic,Blackboard,100cm
Set Square,Blackboard,30-60-90 degrees
Set Square, Blackboard,45-45-90 degrees
Eraser,soft,for pencil/BOX-20
Pencil sharpener,metal/PAC-20
Box,metal,lockable,for storage
Ruler ,plastic,c.30cm,set of 10
Clock,teaching,wood or plastic
Bag, plastic, interlock seal/PAC-20
Register,A4,squared,80 pgs/PAC-10
Book ,exercise,A4,ruled-8mm,96 pgs/PAC-10
Book,exercise,A5,ruled-8mm,48 pgs/PAC-20
Book,exercise,A5,5mm-sqre,48 pgs/PAC-20
Pen ,ball-point,black/BOX-10
Pen,ball-point ,red/BOX-10
Posters,plasticized paper,set of 3
Protractor, plastic for blackboard 44cm
Student’s Geometry sets, Box-20
Arm Bands, Education, Cyan blue, cloth
Bristol paper,colored, A4, 180 gsm, pack
Duct tape, 50mm, silver
Users guide School in a Box Kit, English
Users guide School in a Box Kit, French
Children w/ Disability Guide SiB
Education Kit Feedback form, A4


Estimated weight of the kit is: 44kg
Estimated volume of the kits is: 0.120cbm
Estimated dimensions of the kits are: 0.80L x 0.55W x 0.25m H

The box comes with2 padlocks which can be used to lock the contents of the kit when not in use




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