Iodized Salt is table salt mixed with a minute amount of various salts of the element iodine. Iodized salt helps create the hormones that regulate heart rate and blood pressure. It also helps to burn extra fat deposits that could lead to heart disease. Salt promotes healthy hydration levels and creates a balance of electrolytes. It can help to cure dry and flaky skin, and improve the growth of your hair and nails. It also plays a role in developing and maintaining healthy teeth. Iodized salt can help to remove harmful metals such as lead and mercury as well as other harmful toxins from your body. This can help to restore a healthy pH level in your body.


Colour The salt shall be white and 10g of salt in 100ml water shall give a colourless solution
Particle/grain size 100% of grains should pass a sieve of 1mm mesh
Moisture content Between 0.1% maximum (dried at 110°C) and 0.5% maximum (dried at 140°C). See below “Additional country specific specifications”
Sodium chloride (NaCl) 99.2% min (on dry basis)
Alkalinity as Na2 Co3 0.05 mg/kg maximum (on dry basis)
Water insoluble matter 0.02 % maximum (on dry basis)
Potassium Iodate (KIO3) fortification 50 – 83 mg/kg maximum (equivalent to 30 to 50 mg/kg Iodine) as per WHO recommendation. See below “Additional country-specific specifications”
Heavy metals
Arsenic 0.5 ppm max.
Copper 2 ppm max.
Lead 1 ppm max.
Cadmium 0.5 ppm max.
Mercury 0.1 ppm max.


Packing sizes available are 500gm, 1kg and 2kg. Other packing sizes are available on customer request.


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