Rigid plastic water tank


Rigid lightweight, plastic water tank for water storage purposes

Material and specifications

‘- Tanks are manufactured using the rotational moulding process to make them seamless and watertight.
– 100% FDA approved materials are used during the moulding process which meets the requirements for safe storage of potable water.
– The LDPE/HDPE approved food grade polyethylene material used during the manufacturing process is non-absorbent and non-toxic.
– The plastic tanks are suitable for storing water or rain-water harvesting.
– The tanks are not only durable but are designed and manufactured in such a way which makes them dependable and affordable.
– The tanks are UV stabilised so you don’t have to worry about them breaking down under harsh outdoor weather conditions. They won’t chip, rust, peel or corrode.
– The black opaque colour of the plastic tank prevents the growth of water borne algae.
– To ensure better visibility of water inside the tank, they are black outside and white inside.
– The lockable lids in the tank make them extra secure.


Available in cylindrical form in various sizes from 100 ltrs to 24,000 ltrs size
Available in rectangular form in various sizes from 200 ltrs to 1,000 ltrs size.


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