Rigid Iron / Steel Water Storage Tanks


Lightweight, rigid corrugated steel water storage tank. Easy to install and compactly packaged for worldwide transport. These tanks are ideal for installation in elevated position for gravity fed distribution. The steels are punched with 3 outlet holes for 3″ connectors: one hole is fitted with a blanking plate.

The tank has no base structure and can therefore be erected on any area of flat ground that has been cleared of debris.

Demountable water storage tanks are available with sizes ranging from 1,960 litre to 1.2 million litre capacity.

These tanks are ideal where large capacity and depth is required. An example would be flocculation and chlorinating water treatments, where good mixing and settlement form part of the successful application. The depth of water also gives a positive pressure head for gravity fed distribution.

The tank kit is supplied complete with steels, flexible conical PVC coated polyester roof kit, hardwearing and durable reinforced waterproof EPDM rubber liner approved for potable water use, all necessary fixings and fittings, repair kit and installation instruction manual. Packed for delivery worldwide.

Key Features:

• Boxed and palletised ready for dispatch
• 1,960 to 1.2 million litre capacity
• Open top, PVC or steel roof options
• Can be built on any firm, flat ground free from debris, or on a suitable concrete base
• Suitable for ALL climates
• Erected by 3 people within 8 hours
• A full range of spares and accessories such as pipe enclosures, ladders and strainers are available from stock.

Technical Specifications

Tank Body
Main structure comprises 0.80m x 3.01m panels of corrugated G450 galvanised steel, punched and curved to suit the tank size. Galvanised round headed bolts, washers and nuts are provided to assemble steel panels to form a ring to required diameter and height. The top edge of the steel is protected by a circular plastic capping piece.

Tank Lining
A fully welded watertight bag sized to suit the tank. Manufactured in either 1.00mm thick EPDM or Butyl rubber with all vulcanised joints to suit the required application. The liner is held in position at the top of the tank by clamping between two capping pieces and locking into position using spring clips.

Tank Fittings
2” BSP(M) through tank outlets provided. Outlets are bolted to the tank body and sealed to the tank lining. 2” BSP(F) gate valves and ball valves are available for use with these outlets. Other sized outlets can be supplied. The position and number of outlets is decided by the customer.

Tank Roofs
The tanks can be used open top or with the following options:
Steel Roof—Galvanised G600 sheet steel with lockable manway, bolted to the tank, suitable for all environments and where tank security is paramount. Installed in approximately 4 hours.
PVC – Ideal for keeping dust and debris out of the tank. The economical roofs have a 3 year life and can be erected in 1 hour.

Tank Diameter Tank Overall Height Roof Option
Metres 1.53m 2.29m 3.05m 4.60m PVC Steel
Denotes Capacity in Litres, allowing for 0.15m freeboard
2.74 8,138 12,619*(T10) 17,100 26,243 YES YES
3.66 14,519 22,515*(T20) 30,510 46,824 YES YES
4.57 22,637 35,102 47,569 75,000 YES YES
5.49 32,667 50,658 68,649 105,354 YES YES
6.4 44,395*(T45) 68,843*(T70) 93,293*(T95) 143,174 YES YES
7.32 58,075 90,058 122,042*(T120) 187,296 YES YES
8.23 73,412 113,843 154,272 243,000 NO YES
9.15 90,743 140,717 200,000 292,650 NO YES
10.06 109,689 151,363 240,000 360,000 NO YES
10.98 130,668 202,632 288,000 432,000 NO YES
11.98 155,574 241,253 338,000 501,672 NO YES
13.82 207,033 321,052 450,000 667,609 NO NO
16.59 298,344 462,650 656,000 962,053 NO NO


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