Pallets, Plastic


Pallets are products that allows you to install and transport various cargoes with the help of lifting devices. Pallets removed by any lifting device can optimize the transport of goods placed on them.


Size: 1200x1000x150mm
Material: HDPE/PP Injection grade + UV stabilizer
Type: Ventilated top surface
Bottom Type: 4, 5 or 6 skid-runners, unwelded
Temperature stability: – 25 °C to + 60 to 80 °C
Static Load: 5000Kg-7500Kg depending on whether pallet is reinforced or not
Dynamic Load: 1000Kg – 2500Kg depending on whether pallet is reinforced or not
Made from 100% virgin material (although recycled material option is available on request)
Free from Moulding, Mildew, Germs & Insects
Ideal for cold storage
Easy to clean and maintain hygiene
Anti-slip components
No spillage or wastage from nails/splinters
Multiple industry usage, can be handled by forklift or hand jack.

Packing & Loadability

Plastic Pallets 20′ 40′ HC
Approximate Loadability 160 pcs 370 pcs



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