Ox Plough


Single furrow mouldboard plough, suitable for use with a single animal.


Furrow width (perpendicular distance from the landside to the rear part of the share): approx. 200 mm
Working depth up to 150 mm
Mouldboard shape: adapted for use in multiple soil conditions, with good inversion and weed covering properties
Mouldboard: minimum thickness 4 mm
Share: flat or upset
Share: minimum 6 mm thickness
Share material: medium to high carbon steel and heat treated to a hardness of minimum HRC 46
Frog: minimum thickness 5 mm
Landside: minimum 6 mm thickness
Beam: 1 beam with thickness of 1.30 mm and width 60mm
Beam length: 800 to 850 mm
Hitch assembly including 3 holes on the front part of the beam
Vertical handle assembly approx. 1000 mm long (approx. 700mm above the beam) connecting the landside to the beam.
Sub-frame bolted to the main beam.
Stabilizing wheel with fully adjustable height arrangement

Total Weight

30 – 32 kg.


Available accessories and to be bought separately from the plough:
– spanners
– trek chain
– U bolt


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