NPK COMPLEX 17-17-17


NOTE:  All other NPK complex grades will follow the same rule, particularly water soluble phosphate content should be 85% (minimum) of the neutral ammonium  citrate soluble phosphate content
·       Moisture content by weight: maximum 1.5%
·       Total nitrogen content by weight (on dry basis): minimum 17%
·       Neutral ammonium citrate soluble phosphate (as P2O5) content by weight: minimum 17%
·       Water soluble phosphate (as P2O5) content by weight: minimum 13.6%
·       Water soluble potash (as K2O) content by weight: minimum 17%
·       Particle size: Not less than 90% of the material shall pass through 4 mm IS sieve and be retained on 1 mm IS sieve. Not more than 5% shall be below 1 mm size
·       Packing: Packed in 50 kg (dry) capacity woven polypropylene bags with polyethylene inner lining.


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