NFI or IDP Kit


Newly displaced persons have often been forced to leave their homes in a hurry and have had to leave essential personal and household items behind. The distribution of in-kind Non-Food Items (NFIs) is therefore an essential activity in the emergency phase. Providing NFIs supports the dignity, health, privacy and agency of affected populations, while simultaneously limiting exposure to further protection risks.

Below is a common type of NFI kit that is purchased by our clients. Other options are available depending on your requirement.

Kit Content

Fleece Blanket, 1.5 x 2m x 2 pcs
LLIN mosquito net, 130x180x150 cm x 2 pcs
Tarpaulin sheet 4×6 m x 1 pc
Rope, 5mm x 25 mtrs x 1 roll
Collapsible jerrycan 20 ltrs x 1pc
Kitchen Set x 1 set
Sewing set, thread 400 yards with needle No. 6 x 1 set
Waterproof matches x 1 box
Laundry bar soap 800gr x 1 pc
Bucket 60 litre or NFI bag for packing above items x 1 pc


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