Multipurpose Sleeping Mats


Alternative type of sleeping mat with the following key features:
– Foam insulation provides comfort and protection against cold and moisture;
– Zig-zag folding makes the mat easy for packing, storage and shipping;
– The mat also turns into a great seating bench during day time.

Technical Specifications

Material The mats should be made from synthetic or recycled yarns. The synthetic yarns in a tightly woven 2/2 twill structure, using a nylon thread for warping and a min. 500 deniers thick polypropylene mono-filament straws for wefting.

Sleeping mats are woven in a way to create tunnels to be filled with 2cm diameter foam tubes made of EPE (Expanded Polyethylene) fillers or PE tubes filled with 100% polyester fabric till the edges as weft.

All four sides of the mat are secured with a 5cm PE woven bias-binding tape with stitches through the fabric of the mat.

Two 3mm ropes each 75cm long will be fixed on the width side of the mat for binding and folding purposes.

Dimensions Sleeping mat finished size: 180 x 90 cm min. +/- 2%
Sleeping mat area: 1.62 m2 +/- 2%
Weight: 0.900 kg/m2 minimum ±5%.
Specifications Bursting Strength: ISO13938: 700 kPa minimum.
Tear Strength: The edges of the mat should not be tearable when strongly pulled outside by hand or other similar force.

Packing & Loadability

Packing, weight & volume

Packing: 5 pcs per bale
Gross weight per piece:
 approx. 1.45 kg
Gross weight per bale: approx. 7.55kg
Bale size: 91 x 75 x 20 cm
Volume per bale: 0.137 m3



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