MHM Kits or Dignity Kits


Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) Kit
is designed for the personal needs of one woman or adolescent girl of reproductive age for 3 months.

Kit Content

A number of essential items are critical to enable women and girls to manage their menstruation with dignity: a bucket, laundry soap, a rope and pegs to enable washing and drying are actually not less important than the pads or underwear.
Additional items can be added to each distributed kit, this will depend on the local context and socio-cultural situations: a cloth skirt/sari/khanga/sulu can be added to support dignity of women during bathing, or to hide blood stains on clothing. A lamp or torch can also be included to increase safety.
Note that in water-scarce regions, washing clothes or reusable pads may be challenging due to the lack of water. In transit situations, where women and girls are frequently on the move, reusable pads may not be practical.

Our standard kit is made up of:
1. Underwear x 3 pcs
2. Reusable sanitary pad kit (see reusable sanitary pad kit) x 1 kit
3. Bucket 10ltrs x 1pc
4. Bathing soap 125gms x 6 pcs
5. Laundry bar soap 800gms x 2 pcs
6. Rope for drying clothes 30 mtrs x 1 pc
7. Pegs x 10 pcs
8. Disposable sanitary pads x 6 pkts (optional – for areas with water scarcity)
9. Solar torch x 1 pc (optional)
10. Plastic whistle x 1pc (optional)
11. Slippers x 1 pc (optional)
12. Kitenge or khanga or kikoi x 1 pc (option)
13. Packing bag to kit the above items x 1 pc


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