A mattress is a large, usually rectangular pad for supporting a lying person. It is designed to be used as a bed, or on a bed frame as part of a bed. Mattresses can be made of different materials and constructions depending on the choice of the sleeper.


Material and construction

Foam: High density polyurethane foam, in one piece, no glue assembled pieces. Available in high density, medium density and low density.

Open spring mattress: Also known as open coil or continuous coil mattresses. These contain one long piece of metal wire coiled into numerous springs. There’s also an additional border rod or wire to maintain shape and provide structure. It’s a great value for money option, although sides are machine-stitched rather than hand-stitched, but they are lighter than other models, making them easy to turn.

Pocket spring mattress: made from individual, small springs housed in their own pocket of fabric. This means each spring moves independently, providing more support than open spring mattresses. You can buy soft, medium or firm versions, depending on your preference, and they are more breathable than memory foam or latex mattresses.

Memory foam mattress: These more modern mattresses are made from memory foam, which is a mouldable material that also responds to temperature and weight, and has hypo-allergenic properties. This means it will mould to the shape of your body, absorb your weight and relieve pressure on your joints.

Dimensions: Available in variety of dimensions for single bed, double bed, king bed and queen bed.

Weight: Will depend on dimensions, density and thickness. Not less than 2469 gr +/-5%

Packing & Loadability

Individually packed in strong polyethylene transparent bag without holes or tears, thermally sealed, not compressed OR rolled and compressed individually



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