Item General Quality No excess metal on the eye,No dents on the cutting edge
Finishing Smooth Finish
Colour Black
Cutting edge Polished cutting edge
Weigth in g 590 g    +/- 50 g(540g – 640g)
Full length in mm 280 mm   +/-10 mm(270mm – 290mm)
Blade length in mm 180 mm   +/-10 mm(170mm – 190mm)
Blade width in mm 125 mm    +/- 5 mm(120mm – 130mm)
Blade thickness in mm 2.5 mm    +/-0.1 mm(2.4mm – 2.6mm)
Length of neck in mm 95 mm   +/- 5 mm(90mm – 100mm)
Diameter of neck  in mm 30mm -35mm
Material hot forged carbon steel, hardened and tempered, at a maximum the hardened zone should reach halfway up the middle of the blade

Chemical Composition

Carbon content: 0.5% to 0.8%
Manganese content: 0.6% to 1.2%
Silicone content: 0.37% maximum
Phosphorus and Sulphur: 0.06% maximum
Rockwell hardness C (HRC) 35 minimum to 48 maximum HRC in hardened zone of the blade near cutting edge


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