We are able to mobilise large quantities of emergency food at short notice through our extensive supply chain/network in the East and Central African region. This includes sourcing direct from farms, aggregators or fully vetted importers and traders of grains.

We also have a sorting facility where state of the art machines can process and clean farm fresh produce to ensure that the recipient of food aid receives as clean a product as possible.

We are able to supply cereals (including rice), legumes and lentils using this facility.


Lentils are rich in fiber, minerals, proteins and vitamins. The fiber lowers blood cholesterol levels and reduces heart diseases. It helps those with diabetes and hyperglycemia by stabilizing their blood glucose levels.
An important mineral in lentil is the Iron; it helps with transporting oxygen throughout the body, which helps with increasing energy and metabolism.
Lentils are designated into two classes, Red Lentils and Lentils other than red. The method of determining the class of a lentil is by seed coat colour. Red lentils may be confirmed by the cotyledon colour.
Lentil varieties may have a wide range of seed coat colours from green, red, speckled green, black and tan. The cotyledon color may be red, yellow or green.

We can supply red lentils and yellow lentils on most occasions. Occasionally, and depending on customer requirements we are also able to supply green lentils.


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