Kitchen Sets UNHCR Type B or ICRC/IFRC Type A


Cooking and serving utensils suitable for a family of 5 people. All items are made of stainless steel in line with minimum quality standards included in the ‘Material Specifications’ as applicable. Alternatively, only cooking pots and frying pan are made of aluminium as per Material specifications.

Composition & Material Specifications

Composition of Kitchen Set

01 x 7 litres, stainless steel or aluminium cooking pot
01 x 2.5 litres, stainless steel frying pan (used as lid for 7L cooking pot)
01 x Detachable handle for the 2.5 L frying pan
01 x 5 litres, stainless steel or aluminium cooking pot with lid
05 x 1 litre, stainless steel bowl
05 x Stainless steel plates
05 x Stainless steel or plastic cups
05 x Stainless steel table-spoons
05 x Stainless steel table-forks
05 x Stainless steel table-knives
01 x Kitchen knife with stainless steel blade
01 x Wooden serving spoon
02 x Stainless steel serving spoon
01 x Stainless steel serving ladle
01 x Stainless steel scouring pad

Material Specifications

Specifications below indicate the minimum quality standards of stainless steel and aluminium materials.

1) Stainless Steel:

For Tableware (plates, cups, bowls, forks, spoons and knives):

-ISO type 1.4016 (American grade 430), or

-ISO type 1.4301 (American grade 304).

For the Cookware (cooking pots and pans):

– ISO type 1.4016 (American grade 430), or

– ISO type 1.4301 (American grade 304).

Food grade certified in conformity with EU regulations No. 1935/2004, and with Information Notice No.2004-64. Suitability of materials to be in contact with foodstuffs.

• Applicable standards as per EN 10088-1.

Acceptability limits:

  • Minimum chromium content: 16 %
  • Possible added elements: Ta, Nb, Zr, Mo, Ti, Al, Cu with the following maximum contents:
    -1 p 100 for Ta, Nb, Zr
    -4 p 100 for Mo, Ti, Al, Cu

2) Aluminium as an alternative material for cooking pots:

Aluminium type AI 99,0 or above as per publication ISO 209-1 (minimum 99% aluminium).

– Other elements as per EN 602.

– Publications with applicable standards:

  • ISO 209-1: Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloys – Alloys – Chemical compositions and forms of products – Part 1: Chemical composition.
  • ISO 602: Aluminium and aluminium alloys – Wrought products – Chemical composition of semi products used for the fabrication of articles for use in contact with food.

Alternative plastic cup:

– Made of food grade according to EN 1186-3-9 standard. Strong and durable quality for a long-life span.

Finishing: Washed and polished and does not contain any residuals, dust and is clean, including cutlery.

Surface finish: Max RA 0.5 micrometer measured under ISO 4287.

Lifespan: It is expected that the kitchen set will last at a minimum of 2 years while used and to have a shelf life of 10 years. The cardboard packaging has a shelf life of 4 years.

Packing & Loadability

Individual Packing for Kitchen Sets: Kitchen Sets are packed individually in a 5 ply, branded carton (as per client requirement) of approximate L 30 x W 30 x H 19 cm +/- 2%.
Gross volume per kitchen set: Approx. 0.015 m3
Gross weight per export carton (with 01 set): 6.8 kg approx.



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