Hygiene Kit


Kit containing products suitable to provide the basic hygienic needs of a family in for a period of one month.

Kit Content

Washing powder, 1 kg bag x 3pcs
Sanitary pads, pack of 10 pcs x 4 pkts
Disposable razor x 5pcs
Toilet paper x 4 pcs
Toothpaste 150gm x 3 pcs
Toothbrush x 5pcs
Body soap, 125 g piece x 5 pcs
Dishwashing liquid, 500 ml bottle x 3 pcs
Shampoo, 500 ml x 1 pc
Bath towel x 1 pc
Nail clipper x 1 pc
Plastic comb x 1 pc
Sponge for washing dishes x 12 pcs
Carton 5 ply or packing bag for packing the above items – 1 pc


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