Household Products


We regularly stock a number of regular household products made of plastic or metal including but not limited to the following.
1. Plastic Basins upto 40 litres capacity
2. Plastic Jugs with and without lids
3. Soap Dishes and Trays
4. Plastic combs
5. Plastic tubs and storage boxes
6. Plastic tables and chairs
7. Thermos flasks (plastic or stainless steel finish)
8. Plastic water bottles
9. Plastic or melamine plates, bowls and mugs
10. Plastic cuttlery (spoon, knife, fork)
10. Plastic drums and buckets
11. Plastic laundry baskets
12. Plastic mop buckets
13. Mops, brooms, dust pans and squeegees
14. Plastic dustbins

Enquire today for any other products that you may require as we are able to supply these on customer order requirements.

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