HOE, with long handle, large type


Material: hot forged carbon steel, hardened and tempered, at a maximum the hardened zone should reach halfway up the back of the blade
Corrosion protection: black paint
Quality of make: no excess metal in the eye, no dent on the cutting edge, reinforced head with a rib from the eye to the middle of the blade length
Hardness Rockwell C: 35 minimum to 48 maximum HRC in hardened zone of the blade
Carbon content: 0.5% to 0.8%
Manganese content: 0.6% to 1.2%
Silicone: 0.37% maximum
Phosphorus & Sulphur: 0.06% maximum
Dimensions, full piece: 180 x 310 mm +/-10mm including the eye
Hole diameter: high raised neck, front side 43 mm, back side 48 mm+/-2mm
Weight: 1.250kg +/- 150g, without handle, depending on the type of hoe
Handle: No chips, rough surfaces, cracks, holes or knots. Smooth, polished varnish surface. Dry, strong, and flexible wood. Moisture minimum 10%, maximum 15%. Handle adapted to head so that it protrudes from and blocks on the other side of the head. Total length 1100mm to 1150mm.


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