Flexible Onion Tank

General Information

Self supporting Onion tanks are suitable where an instant use open top tank is required.
These tanks are easily cleaned and are therefore suitable for storing raw water and in-tank flocculation. Onion tanks are often used in conjunction with flexible bladder or pillow tanks.
•Suitable for ALL climates
•Requires only an area of level ground
•Erection time from 2 minutes for 1 person
•Delivered complete in 1 x ISPM15 heattreated plywood case suitable for export
•Kit includes: All necessary tools, tank, roof,instruction manual, groundsheet and repairkit
•Special sizes and outlet configurations madeto order

Technical Data

Outlets: All tanks are fitted with 2 x 3” BSP(F) aluminium outlets with male adaptors and 3” BSP(F) gate valves.

Roof Covers: All tanks are supplied with circular roof covers with an integral central flotation foam block. The covers are tied in position.

Groundsheets: All tanks are supplied with circular groundsheet approximately 1.0m larger than the tank.

Packing: Each tank is packed with its groundsheet, roof cover, repair kit and instruction manual in a plywood case, ready for export.

Tank Materials
Base cloth: PES / PES
Total weight (approx.): 1100g/m2
Base cloth construction: Panama 2/2 275g/m2
Construction: 12/13 threads/cm
Coating calendar: Dull
Breaking strength: 4000 N/5cm + 6000 N/5cm
Tear strength: 600 N
Adhesion: 100 N/5cm
Temperature resistance: -30C to +70C
Colour: Beige 46002
Special properties: Special quality for contact with potable water and food

Size Details

Tank Reference Capacity
Base Diameter Top Diameter Height when full Groundsheet Diameter
OT3                       3,000 2.30m 1.50m 1.00m 3.30m
OT5                       5,000  2.40m  2.00m  1.20m  3.40m
OT10                     10,000  3.50m  2.50m  1.50m  4.50m
OT15                     15,000  4.00m  3.00m  1.50m  5.00m
OT20                     20,000  4.75m  3.75m  1.50m  5.75m
OT30                     30,000  5.50m  4.50m  1.50m  6.50m


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