Fascia Caps


Fascia caps are placed on the edges of the roof over the CGI sheets and the fascia boards/bargeboards. They serve to securely hold the CGI sheets, ensure waterproofing of the roof, and keep the fascia boards dry to prevent timber from rotting.

The fascia boards are crucial to protect the roof against uplift. Indeed, the fascia boards help to deflect wind and protect the CGI sheets and the roof frame.

The fascia caps are also made of hot-dip galvanized steel. Their shape is different, but their properties are identical to those of the CGI sheets and ridge cap. They are used for single-pitch, gable and gambrel roofs.

The steel grade, steel thickness and protection (zinc coating) used for the fascia cap should be identical to those used for the CGI sheet.

The fascia cap is made of 2 wings. The wing over the CGI sheet should cover 2 corrugations. The wing over the fascia board can be wider to cover the width of the fascia board.



Most common length from 1.80 – 3.00 m (6 – 10ft), as per customer requirement.
Width: 2 wings of 0.125 m (5 in) minimum i.e. 10 inches or 0.25m in total


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