Emergency Food Ration


As a food supplement for prevention/treatment of moderate malnutrition.
As a temporary measure for supplementary feeding when super cereals (Corn Soya Blends) are not available in emergency scenarios, including:
1.Quick on-set, natural or man-made disasters and before local foods can be prepared and/or distributed.
2.For use in Food Air-drops
3.Disaster preparedness/storage.
4.Supplementary feeding programmes (short term)

Fortified and cereal based dry compressed food, 9 bars per pack of 500g, 24 packs per carton. Each bars weighs minimum 55g.

Baked wheat, partially hydrogenated vegetable fat, sugar, vegetable soya protein, malt, vitamins and minerals.
No ingredients of animal origin
Allergen statement: May contain traces of milk.

Energy content
Tablet of 28g: 128kcal/531kJ
Bar of 56g: 254kcal/1.061kJ
Unit of 500g: 2.290kcal/9.572kJ
Carton of 12kg: 54.960kcal/229.733kJ

Nutrition content per 100 g
Energy value: 440 kcal
Proteins: 12-16% of weight
Carbohydrates: 57-61% of weight
Fat: min 15% of weight

Vitamin A: 0.47mg
Vitamin B1: 0.52mg
Vitamin B2: 0.8mg
Vitamin B6: 0.87mg
Vitamin B12: 1.3mcg
Vitamin C: 40mg
Niacin: 8mg
Vitamin D: 4.3mcg
Vitamin E: 7.0mg
Folic acid: 130mcg
Calcium pantothenate: 3.0mg
Biotin: 62.5mcg

Minerals (typical values)
Calcium: 400-600mg
Potassium: 300-400mg
Magnesium: 100-140mg
Sodium: <290mg
Iron: >9mg
Phosphorous: 400-600mg
Zinc: >9mg
Copper: 0.8-1.2mg
Selenium: 20-30mcg
Iodine: 80-120mcg




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