Dignity Kit


Dignity kits contain hygiene and sanitary items, as well as other items explicitly tailored towards the local needs of women and girls of reproductive age in particular communities. Generic hygiene kits help people improve cleanliness (with items such as soap, sanitary materials, toothbrushes and toothpaste).
Whilst dignity kits are similar to basic hygiene kits often distributed at the onset of emergencies, dignity kits serve a broader purpose and so contain a wider range of items.

Kit Content

Our standard dignity kit is made up of:
1. Underwear x 3 pcs
2. Reusable sanitary pad kit x 1 kit (option of disposable sanitary pads where region is having water scarcity)
3. Bathing soap 125gms x 6 pcs
4. Laundry bar soap 800gms x 2 pcs or detergent washing powder 1kg x 1 pkt
5. Toothpaste x 3 pcs
6. Toothbrush x 5 pcs
7. Bathing towel x 1 pc
8. Petroleum jelly x 1 pc
9. Solar torch x 1 pc
10. Plastic whistle x 1 pc
11. Slippers x 1 pair
12. Kitenge or khanga or kikoi x 1 pc


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