Jerrycan - Collapsible 10 ltrs and 20 ltrs IFRC Standards


Square or rectangular shape collapsible jerrycan for household water collection and storage.
For emergency situations only.
To be stored in a dry area and shielded from sun.
Shelf life: 10 years when kept in original packaging between –10°C and 50°C.


10 ltrs or 20 ltrs


180g for the 10L type, 270g for the 20L type


Manufactured of food grade LDPE should not contain toxic elements according to EN 1186 & EN 13130 and shall comply with Regulation (EU) 10/2011 and its amendments.
Must stand by itself, even when filled to 1/4 of its maximum volume.

Fitted with

‘- One built-in carrying handle for the 10L type, and one or two built-in carrying handles for the 20L type, with minimum internal handle dimensions of 9 cm long and 3 cm high, with no sharp edges.
– A screwable cap with integrated tap for filling and discharge.
– Jerrycan inlet interior diameter: Minimum 30mm for both 10L and 20L types.


10 ltrs: 50 pieces per carton
20 ltrs: 25 pieces per carton


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