We are able to mobilise large quantities of emergency food at short notice through our extensive supply chain/network in the East and Central African region. This includes sourcing direct from farms, aggregators or fully vetted importers and traders of grains.

We also have a sorting facility where state of the art machines can process and clean farm fresh produce to ensure that the recipient of food aid receives as clean a product as possible.

We are able to supply cereals (including rice), legumes and lentils using this facility.


Cereals like Sorghum, Millets, Wheat, Maize and Rice are major staple foods of the most population. The most common produce delivered as food aid in East Africa, and which we are able to supply in large quantities, machine cleaned, include:
– white maize
– Pishori rice, Basmati rice, Pakistan long grain rice, Shindano rice
– white sorghum and yellow sorghum
– wheat
– finger millet red


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