Blankets, Synthetic Fleece - Low Thermal


Blankets are used to provide insulation / protection against loss of body temperature, according to the requirements imposed by climate / temperature conditions. The insulation capacity of a blanket depends on two factors:

a) The Thermal Resistance of Garments (TOG), a measurement of how well a material resists heat flow, where the higher the TOG rating, the better the insulation. It has to be noted that the TOG does not depend only on the weight or the raw material, but also on the fiber quality, the type of weaving or knitting, and fiber raising.

b) The Air Permeability of the Material, where low air permeability will ensure protection from draughts, while inherent breatheability allows evacuation of body perspiration.


1. Material: Synthetic blankets are made of virgin fibers from polyester or acrylic materials. Some cotton may be included in the yarns.

Option of recycled material can also be included on request.

2. Make: Knitted or woven, dry raised both sides.
3. Content: ISO 1833 on dry weight 100% virgin polyester and/or acrylic fibers or polyester/cotton.
4. Dimensions / Size: 150 x 200cm +3%/-1%. To be taken on flat stabilized sample, without folds.
5. Weight: 200g/m2 minimum maximum 400g/m² weight determined by total weight/total surface.
6. Thickness: ISO 5084 3.5mm minimum (1KPa on 2000mm²)
7. Tensile strength: ISO13934-1 250N warp and weft minimum.
8. Tensile strength loss after washing: ISO13934-1 and ISO 6330 Maximum 5% warp and weft after 3 consecutive machine washing at 30ºC and one flat drying.
9. Shrinkage: maxi. ISO 6330 Maximum 5% warp and weft after 3 consecutive machine washing at 30ºC and one flat drying.
10. Weight loss after washing: Maximum 5% after 3 consecutive machine washing at 30ºC and one flat drying.
11. Thermal resistance: ISO 5085-1 TOG 1.5 (Rct= 0.15m².K/W) minimum, rounded to the nearest 0.01, passed on samples picked from compressed bales.
12. Resistance to air flow: ISO9237 under 100Pa pressure drop Maximum 1000 L/m2/s.
13. Finish: Whipped seam at 10mm from the edge with 10 to 13 stitches/10cm or stitched ribbon or hemmed on 4 sides.
14. Organoleptic test: No bad smell, not irritating to the skin, no dust. 4<pH<9.
Free from harmful VOC (Volatile Organic Components).
Fit for human use.
15. Fire resistance: ISO12952-1&2 Resistance to cigarette – No ignition
16. Fire resistance: ISO12952-3&4 Resistance to flame – No ignition
17. Colors: Other than black, red, or white, dark uniform color (i.e. dark blue, grey or brown).

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