Food categories


Food parcels are varied to suit your particular needs. They come in various quantities and packages. MORE»





Domestic & Household Items

Supply various items i.e. blankets, water containers, domestic/industrial buckets, cooking sets, collapsible jerry cans, beds, mattresses, bed sheets, rain coats, squatting toilet slabs, and general household items. MORE»




View fishing equipment

Fishing Equipment

Supply fishing hooks, fishing twines, fishing nets, floaters, sinkers and fishing lines (monofilament) MORE»





View our shelter options


All ridge tents are cotton canvas 600gm/m2 waterproofed and rotproofed. Hydrostatic head 30. Groundsheets and ventilators with all tents.
Other tents are also available. MORE»



View an assortment of our agricultural equipment

Agricultural Equipment

Different types of tools i.e. Hoes, sickles, spades, malodas, slashers, forked hoes, rakes, axes, etc.
Farm implements i.e. Ox-ploughs and wheel barrows.MORE»




View the various kits available


Various types of kits to suit your needs i.e. IDP kits, survival kits, agricultural kits, school kits, etc. MORE»





View the various kits available

Water & Sanitation

Casing & screens and PVC pressure pipes MORE»






Facilities Available:

  • Bonded Warehouse (viewing of the same can be arranged)
  • Customs Agents Clearing License
  • Spacious Godown

Supply Information

Management and quality assurance techniques: All goods conform to KBS specifications. Timing of Delivery: Prompt, most goods ex-stock.
Warrantees: Guaranteed.
After sale services: We are ready to look into any problems, which might occur on goods supplied by us.
Export facilities to Sudan: We have Customs Agent License and 95% of our sales are export.